AB College Freshman Bring Cultural Differences With Them

Malwitz, R. (2010, August 22). College freshmen bring cultural differences with them. . Retrieved from http://www.mycentraljersey.com/article/20100822/NEWS/100822007/College-freshmen-bring-cultural-differences-with-them

This article basically takes different examples that would be equivalent to different generations and informs the audience that over time the generations of students are changing. The author does a very good job of showing his credibility in this article because he does an excellent job of picking out examples that both generations can relate to, in turn showing that things do change slightly over time but when looked at in retrospect there are sizable differences. Since the author is able to capture the mindset of the generations I feel as though this article is very appropriate for almost any age group and can be used for many things, especially for educators and who have been teaching a while and are not exactly up to date on the new trends. In my opinion the purpose of this article is not only to help people of different generations understand each others points of view better, but it also can be used to show just how vast the cultural divide is and in turn showing how much America is changing over the years without any effort to intentionally do so. Even though this article is humorous and fun to read it can also be trusted because of where it is found. MyCentralJersey.com is an online news cite that can be viewed anywhere around the world and is affiliated with Home News Tribune. The one thing about this article that should have been looked at more is the type of people that were interviewed. The author does very well with interviewing professors to see where they stand, but he does lag behind in the opinions and thoughts of the actual students which is half of this issue. In general, this article is very efficient at what its purpose is, which is showing the differences on incoming freshman each year.

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