AB House for the Homeless

Nikolic, I. (2007) House for the Homeless: A place to hang your hat. Ln. B. Sunstein & E. Chisen Strater, Fieldworking: Reading and writing research (3rd ed.) (pp. 45-54). Boston: Bedford St. Martin’s

Nikolic tells about how she was an immigrant to the United States who struggled at first but was then things got better. Later on, Nikolic talks about how she was interested in the lives of homeless people in America so she worked at a homeless shelter. While there she got the opportunity to get to talk to a wide variety of visitors there. Since Nikolic personally worked at the shelter I believe that it is safe to say she is providing an accurate story. The purpose of this article is to inform the reader of what it is like to be homeless and that there isn’t a specific stereo type to be homeless. In the article Nikolic even said her self that her experience in the homeless shelter could be partly bias because of the rule that the shelter had. In order to stay at the shelter an individual couldn’t appear to be under the influence of any type of drug or alcohol. I think that this article is relevant depending on what you are reading it for, but when looking at the aspect of what the homeless go through and what its like to be homeless this is a good article that gets deeper than the surface. In general this is a respectable article from a trusted author that is stocked full of valuable information.

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