DW Box Number 4

DW Box Number 4

The East Carolina Native American Organization is a relatively small organization here at ECU when compared to other organizations. Which is good and bad, it is good  because is creates a lot of comrade amongst the members, but it is bad because it causes problems when it comes to funding events and other things to promote the organization because they do not have that much money to use. As far as my knowledge of this group is concerned, I don’t know much about them if any at all. Basically all I know is that it is a Native American Organization that offers a place for other Native Americans and they host events periodically to promote themselves. Another obstacle that I face doing this subculture is that I have no interior connections with the group which will make it hard to find out much information other than what I find out during their events and meetings. One thing that I am concerned about is that I am not going to fit in with the other members of the group even as an outsider, because of my clear lack of knowledge about the culture and their social norms. In more ways than not I am already an outsider in both their eyes and mine. It is obvious that I am not Native American and that I also don’t know any of their traditions. Also, I am an outsider because I will most likely stay passive during the meeting because I like to know what I am talking about when I contribute to a conversation and I know in this case I will have nothing intellectual to add to the conversations. While observing this subculture I hope to find out exactly what the East Carolina Native American Organization is really about and how have Native Americans changed over the years, like are they still following traditional values or are they starting to be sucked in by the industrialized world we all live in.

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