MP #2 AB 1

Reamey, B. A. (2009). NATIVE AMERICAN MASCOTS IN CONTEMPORARY HIGHER EDUCATION: PART 1: POLITICALLY ACCEPTABLE OR ETHNICALLY OBJECTIONABLE? [Electronic version] Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 33, 995-1008.

This journal article by Becky Reamey is a very informative article about the way that Native Americans and their culture are viewed by the rest of the country. In the article Reamey talks about how Native Americans are portrayed in negative ways by making a lot of mascots Native Americans or things that deal with the Native American culture. The reason that I decided that this would be a great article to use is because Reamey does an excellent job of bringing to the light how something as small as a college mascot can be taken offensively to some because of the stigmas that are associated with it. By using the information captured in this journal I think it will be possible for me to show how because Native Americans are associated with being barbaric and unintelligent sports teams use them to represent them being the toughest of the tough and how that is not at all what Native Americans are like and how they are the footprint to the land we call home. Another reason that I chose to use this article is because it has several different examples all over the country which will help me prove that this is not just a problem in one part of the country, but it is all over.

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