MP #2 AB 2

Lacroix, C. C. (2011, January). High Stakes Stereotypes: The Emergence of the ‘Casino Indian’ Trope in Television Depictions of Contemporary Native Americans [Electronic version]. Howard Journal of Communications, 22(1), 1-23.

In this article the author does an extraordinarily good job of showing how Native Americans are depicted in today’s society through the mass media, like television. In the article Lacriox talks about numerous television shows that he has seen that depict Native American stereotypes either obviously or subliminally. Along with the excellent information and insight this article provides, equally as important it provides the best examples of the stereotypes that could possibly be provided for not only me but the majority of readers because of how popular and relevant the TV shows are in our society. The way that I plan to use this article is by showing how blatant racism is in our country not only toward Native Americans but to all races.  By using this article it will make it very easy for me to relate to my paper because one of the examples of television shows that shows racism toward Native Americans is a show that I frequently watch. Since I have seen this show several times and will understand the context of it I plan to use this example to demonstrate that just because a television show uses racism does not mean that it is socially acceptable for just anyone to be openly racist toward a culture based on nothing more than a common misconception. This article, I believe, will be the best of my sources simply because it is written in common language and is so relevant its very hard to misinterpret the observation and point the author is trying to make.

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