MP #2 AB 3

Meranto, O. J. (2001, September). From Buckskin to Calico and Back Again: An Historical Interpretation of American Indian Feminism [Electronic version]. New Political Science, 23(3), 333-349.

In this article the author goes through several issues as far as government is concerned that Native Americans have dealt with over the past century. Some of the things that the article focuses on more specifically is how the government forced the Native Americans out of their home land because the government felt that them having control of a good portion of the land West of the Mississippi River was not the way God intended for the land to be used. One point that the article brought up that I thought was extremely interesting was that sexual discrimination didn’t start until the government started taking land from the Native Americans. In the article Meranto states that to begin with, all the land belonged to Native American women and there was a very miniscule amount of sexual discrimination until the government took the land leaving the women with nothing to show dominance. The reason that I find this article to be useful is because of the extremely interesting point of view that is taken to prove a point. I think it is very interesting and extremely logical how the author explains how sexism came about. I think this is useful because even though the article only talks about sexism came about with Native Americans, I think that is very effectively shows how Native Americans were taken advantage of on a very large scale. By using all of this information I hope to bring to light how Native Americans have not only been here the longest but have also done everything requested of them by the government no matter how ridiculous. These facts all combine make it very easy to make a point in my eyes that the least Native Americans deserve is to be treated and looked at the same as someone who is Caucasian.

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