MP #2 AB 4

Sider, G. (2006, December). The Walls Came Tumbling Up: The Production of Culture, Class and Native American Societies [Electronic version]. Australian Journal of Anthropology, 17(3), 276-290.

This article has to do with two main topics, how Native American tribes are grouped together and what it would take in order to take Native Americans from a subculture to part of the main stream society as well as united amongst themselves. One part of this article that I feel is in depth and very true is that the author states that in order for Native Americans to be considers just the run of the mill person then America must get rid of “classes.” The author describes class as not just the tradition economic class but as a combination of race, nationality, gender, tribal and peasant communities. This combination of defining factors makes me think if it is even possible to ever have a type of society that is anywhere even close to being one. The reason that I chose this article as a source to use is because the way that Sider explains how many things go into the average American accepting another type of culture makes things very clear for me. From what I have taken from this article I have concluded that Americans do not seem to think it is possible to look at an individual past their skin color and the way they talk. I want to use this source in my paper because I think by showing that there is literally a handful of thing that separate everyone from being united into only one culture, which is how we should be.

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