Microaggressions AB

Sue, D. W., & Rivera, D. (2010). Microaggressions in Everyday Life.

Mr. Sue does a very good job of informing readers about what a Microaggressions are and what they do to the victims of them. To show the relevance of the topic to him Mr. Sue starts the article out with how he was a victim of a microaggression on an airplane with one of his colleagues who was also of another color. He states that him and his colleague were on an airplane and were asked to move to the back by the flight attendant in order to balance the plane which he took offensively. Once the author had shown the relevance he has to the topic he went on to explain how the microaggressions can be spotted and how we all do them subconsciously or not. Once we have a general understanding for the topic Mr. Sue goes on to explain how obviously the topic is hurtful to the victims, which is basically the conclusion to the article. After reading this article I am not a fan. It is in my opinion that the author is extremely bias and has a narrow train of thought. My reasoning behind this is that everyone that is human is going to have a bias toward other colors no matter their nationality, and I believe this author only looks at one side of reality.

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