Research Proposal for MP #2

The subculture that I want to investigate is the East Carolina Native American Organization. The title that I plan to use for my project is going to be “How have Native American norms changed over the Years.” The way I plan to go about finding the necessary information for this is by going to some of the ECNAO meetings and some of their events to see how things are now in their culture and compare that to the traditional American ways. The reason that I am doing this project is to bring more clarity to a topic that I don’t feel like has enough light brought to it, and to find out more about a culture that was here way before industrialization. After doing as much research as I can on this project I hope to be able to answer the question if Native American Organizations have changed over time how so, and why? I think that the best way for me to get the most information on this organization is simply to sit in on some of the meetings and to spend some time in the library to find out the history of Native Americans and what some of the specifics to the culture were. By doing these things to find information I think that it will make it a lot easier to dissect the information and see how the culture has changed over the hundreds of years it has been here from everything from the big topics that make the culture what it is today all the way down to the small things that make individuals who they are. From the research that I have done so far I think that the majority of my project will be about how the culture has changed over the years because there are several things that are dramatically different that are subtle but important. Looking at the project as a whole some of the things that I think will cause challenges for me are the time constraints that I will have to do my best to not make bias opinions and stay focused on the facts at hand.

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