DW BOX #12

Since I come from a very traditional American Family I think this will cause some problems as far as my field research is concerned. Being that most of the traditional Native American traditions took place many years ago and I am only 19 it will be hard for me to connect to a lot of the things that some of the older members of the group have experienced in their time especially at the pow wow that will take place this year. Another thing that may cause my research to be off is that I am a white male. The reason I say this is that it may be hard for me to relate to some of the groups history because I myself have never had to experience anything other than traditional American privileges and everyone in my family has been in the same boat. Along with all of this I think that the main thing that could possibly cause problems for me is my outlook on life and my views because of the way I was raised. By this I mean it is hard for me to be open to other points of view in certain situations because I admittedly tend to be close minded when it comes to things of tradition. With all of this in mind though, I hope to be able to broaden my horizons by doing this project and be able to open up my thought process and see how someone else looks at the world instead of how I was told to view the world.

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