respect for persons

Definition: Keeping an open mind and that were all created equal and should be treated as such. making sure that the people involved know all aspects of the study. make sure that people involve know they can opt out at any time and in general how much time the study is going to take.

I will practice inform consent

I will fully disclose the purpose of my study and why im doing it

I will treat everyone uniformly and courtesouly

I will come prepared and ask good questions to maximize all of our time

I will remain away for stereotypes and bias and try to keep them out of my study

Benefincence: my research should benefit the culture and research i am researching

I will give positive publicity to my organization

I will make sure i have permission to use pictures

I will provide feedback and drafts to my organization

I will share any financial benefits with the organization that comes from my research

Justice: respecting the entirety of the subculture

I will keep a non judgemental mindset

I will listen and engage in conversation

I will understand the history of the subculture and conduct appropriate research

I will select my informats fairly

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