MP #1 proposal

Major project number one, from what I have interpreted is about researching more into the black schools of Greenville before integration. There are several things about this project that appeal to me. First off I think that there is a ton of information that I can learn about the area that I live in by doing this. Secondly, and most importantly, I feel like doing this project will help others see the type of culture that we as a society are coming from and that we need to keep pushing ourselves to take the knowledge that we have and improve upon that to better our futures. The way I plan to do this is to do some research into the past of our Greenville using the library and other types of written literature. Along with written things I plan on interviewing some members of our society to get a more personal and exact recollection from someone who was in the moment. The way I plan to project my findings is by adding onto the already impressive time line that is on the class website. Hopefully by completing quality research along with the other people in the class I hope that all of the research will result in plenty of helpful information to better inform me and everyone else who reads sees the information discovered.

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