MP #1 AB 1

Hardee, B. (1972, May 1). Opportunities Offered By New School Lauded In Sunday Dedication. The Daily Reflector.

Hardee’s article has a lot of good information regarding the school and the situation surrounding it. In the article there are several statements by Mr. Strother, the assistant superintendent of the state department of public instruction. In some of his statements Strother states how important education is and how Ayden-Grifton high school strives to provide the best it can. One of the main points to this article is to show how taxpayer involvement as well as the ideal of equal education made it so that the school building would be updated so that it would not only look nice but be an inviting place for students. Toward the end of the article it talks about some of the things the new school will come with like a special music program and it will be 30-84 acre site and will be 121,859 square feet and cost $1,913,189. Also, the building will have a pupil capacity of 1050 and have electric heat and air.

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