MP #1 AB 2

Hardee, B. (1969, September 11). Pitt Board of Education Okays Awarding Contracts For Ayden-Grifton School. The Daily Reflector.

This article focuses on in 1969 when the final approval of the Ayden-Grifton High School was finalized. The amount granted for the construction of the school was $1,812,364. The contractor that won the bid was J. Leo Hawkins but because of competition and comparing prices to other new schools like Farmville the board decided to look for other bidders to go lower. Basically, in this article it goes over the struggles that the school board faced when trying to find a way to construct a new school. By using this article it makes it possible for me to show how of all of the things that would have caused problems as far as a new school is concerned the main issue was just trying to find the best price for the job. Also, by using this the numbers that are provided would give me a way to look at the value of money back then and compare it to now and how that could have made an issue.

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