MP #1 AB 3

Whitaker, G. (1965, August 27). Pitt County Schools Quietly Open On A Non-Segregated Basis Today. The Daily Reflector.

This article is very important article in history. This article is talking about the first time schools opened on a non-segregated basis and that it all went over well. Even though it seems unlikely, the article says that even on the opening day there were incidents involving integration. Despite the good luck with the mixing of races one of the school superintendents says that part of the reason in because of the large quantity of students still working in the fields. In essence this article proves that despite the common thought of how the first day of mixed colors would unfold, the project went off without a hitch. With this article we have proof that race is not everything when it comes down to it, and that students can work together in an enclosed environment even in the South. The reason I chose this article is because it shows that even though this was a controversial time in history that could have introduced many problems, the integration of schools in Pitt County went over without a hitch. Knowing this, it draws up several questions for me about the degree of racism back in that time or if it was all just over worked and could have possibly been avoided for the most part if it were given a chance. Or even mandated like the schools.

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