MP # 1 revised proposal

The working title for our project is “The Merging of Ayden and Grifton Schools.” Our group plans on looking up the history of the town and school of both Ayden and Grifton, and the process of their merger. Our purpose is to inform citizens of Pitt County of how the school Ayden-Grifton came about. We plan to create a time line of the history of both the towns Ayden and Grifton and their schools. We already know that there were two schools in Ayden; South Ayden which was for black students and Ayden which was for white students. Their was only one school in Grifton which was also only for white students. We have some information but we need to find out the exact dates of desegregation of these schools and events in the communities. So far we’ve found Yearbooks from Ayden High School at the beginning of integration, which showed the number of black students slowly coming into the schools over the years. We’ve also found newspaper clippings of Grifton High School which talks about the process of building the school, a newspaper clippings of Ayden-Grifton High School which talks about the school building and how the school has successfully integrated black and white students.

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