Black Schools project reflection 1

The black schools project, like every other projects has its ups and downs. Some of the things that I am having work well for me are the outstanding people that I have interviewed in order to find more information. Also, something that it working well for me is the other people in my group are working hard in order to create a well planned out project and no one is just watching the work get done. On  the other hand there are a few things that are not working out so well. The main problem in the resources available here at ECU. All of the members in my group have spent a good amount of time in the library looking for anything that we can use for sources in our project with some success but not as much as I would like to have. Most of the information we have found is kind of generic and it would be really helpful to find some information that was more specific without having to drive to Ayden to find everything. Some things that I would like to find out from the peer reviews are in their opinion, how is our project looking in general? Also I would like to know what are some things that seem to be out of place? And finally, I would like to know what do we need to do to make a project that is good enough for an A?

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