DW BOX #20

The informant that I interviewed was an older man named Chuck Dunn, who was a teacher at Ayden High School during the time of integration. When I first saw him I’ll admit that I was slightly intimidated because of the overall demeanor he had. When we first started talking I noticed that he had a completely different personality than I expected just based on how he looked.  Mr. Dunn is an average sized man with very long hair and a fairly deep voice and when all this is combined he comes out to be a man who it is obvious is full of information. One advantage that I did have with Mr. Dunn is that we are both white males which even subconsciously makes it easier to talk to him just because of a commonality.  Even though Mr. Dunn and I had general things in common we were very different people on the inside. Mr. Dunn seemed to me, to be a very passionate person who took everything that he believed in to another level so when I asked him various questions he would tend to answer with very vivid details which only helped me to get the information I needed that much easier. As far as the report I had with Mr. Dunn is concerned, when I first met him I could tell that he would be an easy person to talk to but as the interview went on he went from just being someone I had to interview to a person that I enjoyed talking to. In general, I felt as though I had very good rapport and I felt as though he is an excellent person that could bond with anyone.

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