DW BOX #21

Has the interviewer established rapport with the informant?

A: The interviewer does an extremely good job of establishing rapport with the two informants by being easy to talk to and she also stays very neutral and doesn’t pick sides making it a smooth interview.

Who talks the most, the informant of the interviewer? Does that seem to work?

A: In this interview, the informants talk the most by far. This seems to work very well because the interviewer gets an enormous amount of information and only says a few sentences over the course of a 50 minute interview.

What was the best question the interviewer asked? Why?

A: I believe that the best question that the interviewer asked was about no child left behind. The reason I chose this is because it is a very big topic in education that the two informants debated over for a while with no help from the interviewer which provided a lot of information.

What question might have extended to another question? Why?

A: The question that best led to other questions was also the question involving no child left behind because the argument got extremely heated and that made it easier to get a feel for how both men felt and their opinions which opens several doors in the interview.

How did the interviewer encourage your informant to be specific?

A: In this interview, the interviewer didn’t have to do much to make the informants be more specific just because they were both very opinionated and had no problem talking about anything that was asked.

Were any of the questions closed?

A: For the most part, the questions were open to some degree, but the question about did he make the face was a closed question, but in this interview it turned out to be okay because the informant elaborated on his own.

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