Black Schools Project Reflection

1.       The Black Schools Project has proved to be much more challenging than I originally expected. The main obstacle that this project presented me with was the lack of available information in the library. In order to find the best information for the project my group and I had to make a few trips to the actual town of Ayden on Fridays to go by the Ayden library as well as interview two individuals from the time period of integration. As far as how this project is constructed is concerned, I really enjoyed doing it. I like how this project is so open for interpretation compared to the regular project format. I feel like doing the project this way made it possible for me to actually get across the real meaning I wanted to portray without having to ramble on and on in order to fill up extra space. In general, I think that the way this project was assigned is how all projects should be done because it’s not about having a certain amount of product; it’s all about the quality of the project. This in my opinion is the way projects should be done in the first place.

2.       My best guess for why my professor structured this project the way she did is because she understands that doing projects based on length is not the best way to get a high quality of work and that thinking outside of the box is the best way to take a project like this to the next level and get a really good quality of work. Also I think another reason my professor structured this product in this way is because she knows that students will do much better work if we can actually get involved and get hands on with the project and make it our own. I think that by doing this project my professor wanted to make us better writers by showing us that sometimes all of the information you may need may not always be there and that it can be better to just to hands on digging into a topic to get the best product. Finally, I think that this project was made to take us from traditional writers to in depth thinkers and show us how to investigate.

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