DW Box #1

Of the numerous subcultures that I fall into the subculture that I take the most pride in is being an athlete. Just like with most things in life, you find out very young what the things are that you love and want to stick with so like most athletes I started out playing sports at a very young age. Possibly before I was even in school. When I was very young my dad introduced me to the sport of baseball and I loved every minute of it. Everything from the time you get to spend with your friends and family to the love and desire to win at all cost. Once I was a little older I found the sport that I would truly love, and that is football. I started devoting my life to this sport when I was no older than maybe 9 or 10 years old and I never looked back. Like most people even while in sports people tend to flock to groups of people that are similar to them in order to feel more at home, and football is no different. As far back as I can remember I have always played on offense and every year with almost a certainty, I know that the other members of the offense will be a tight group of friends.

Along with having the norms of football as far as what most people see, there is much more that is done on an individual basis to be as prepared as possible for the weekly game. One thing that is very common when playing football is there is a high volume of repetition and almost everything is structured and done exactly the same every day, and this is for a reason. Most football players, myself included, have certain rituals that they must do in order to get the mind set that they will do their best. It’s simply mind over matter, which is a common thing to hear on the field. A ritual to any athlete can be anything that they feel is for them. Personally, I remember I used to get dressed in the exact same manor before every football game. I would refuse to be rushed and had to make sure I got the exact size game pants I wanted and I wanted my jersey to be clean, that way at the end of the  day it will be obvious if I left my heart on the field. Another common ritual is music, I would listen to the same group of songs before every game and there was one song that I listened to right before I got off the bus would refuse to listen to it any other time. One thing about my subculture that is good is how everyone knows when it is time to put the joking aside and sit and think and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. In conclusion, there are countless phrases that I could name that we used to share, not all appropriate but still. But the one thing that sticks out the most is our entire team would rush the field from the in-zone after the National Anthem and get in a big circle and do our “battle cry” followed by the captain saying “lights on, time to preform” and once all of these events took place, we all knew it was time to play.

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