DW Box #3

The article that I have decided to use is one that was recently in The East Carolinian. This article could very easily be good news to some and terrible news to others, depending on the type of person. The article that I am referring to is titled, “University Does Not Make Party School List.” The subculture that this article involves is East Carolina University and its community. This article has plenty of information on the schools that did make the list, most of which were high quality institutions, but it also states that this is the first year in a while we haven’t been fortunate enough to be on the top 10 list. This article, in my opinion in a very thought out attempt by the University to make the student body believe that they are getting more serious with their policies. Some questions that this article induces are like, why all of the sudden are we off the list? Is this a stunt by the university to get rid of a reputation? Because of rumors from the past, did the University pay their way off of the list? What type of students are the ones that got us on the list to begin with?, And finally, How do the students, that actually pay for the University feel about all of this? Everyone has a reason they decided to attend ECU. When taking into consideration the question, What’s going on here? There is no one possible way to attack it. Personally my questioning would be geared to why all of the sudden is there such an emphasis on making a new reputation. Coming off of the top 10 party list may be good to some but insulting to others,  mainly students. The major question to be answered is, with all of the changes, how much is true and how much is doctored statistics? Because to say the least even I have found flaws in ECU’s numbers especially with underage drinking tickets. Some ways of obtaining the right information to really find out what is happening is to talk to people high up at the university and monitor their answers and gestures as well as talk to a representative at Playboy. But most importantly get educated on the right facts in the library and internet before talking to anyone, being prepared is the key to success.

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