Field Notes (1) For MP #2

East Carolina Native American Organization

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bate Building 1024

6pm – 7pm


  • Major majority of females
  • A couple children
  • Very southern accents
  • Everyone had similar features like dark hair and dark skin complexions
  • There is one main person in charge
  • There is one highly outspoken woman
  • Late getting started and very quiet to start
  • As the meeting progressed so did the demeanor of everyone
  • The group seemed to get along well
  • Everyone handled authority from peers


  • Most members are Native American
  • Consider each other a family of sorts
  • 1 girl  was the president or organization head
  • Very laid back
  • Don’t get a lot of work done but get the job done
  • Everyone seems to be friends in general, but to some degree there are groups
  • Everyone seems to be content with the way the organization is ran
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