Field Notes (3) For MP #2

East Carolina Native American Organization

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pow Wow – Minges Coliseum

2pm – 3:30pm


  • There was a decently long break
  • The drummers were tired
  • The dancers were tired
  • Someone was selling food outside
  • The overall mood seemed very serine
  • They promoted the gift stands set up
  • Started to see more Caucasians begin to help out
  • The crowd began to diminish
  • More kids began to show up
  • Very little security
  • Began to slip away from tradition
  • Other than dancers and participants very few men
  • School things began to get involved
  • Contemporary shoes


  • The expected crowd may not have shown
  • They needed more help
  • Did their best to be as informative as possible about the organization
  • The environment was family oriented
  • They began to panic at the diminishing crowd
  • I think they were hoping that more people were going to be buying memorabilia
  • It seemed like the effects of preforming that long was not taken into effect
  • The thing that stuck out the most in my mind was how the organization spent countless hours making sure that traditional Native American values would be displayed in the costumes and the actual drums being played but the small things like $100 Reebok running shoes took my attention from the important aspects
  • Very close to flawless, just needs that little extra detail to put the Pow wow over the top
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