Groundwork Activity P. 219-220

When I first walked into my research site I noticed that I was a relatively large room and expected for there to be a decently large crowd for the meetings because of how occasional they are. Once the meeting started I noticed that I wa incorrect about the number of people attending because the group was much smaller than expected with only around 10 members. The group was, by a vast majority comprised of young women in college or just out. For the most part, the girls all looked very similar with black hair that was strait and a very tan complexion to complement it. The thing about the group that I did not expect that stuck out very vividly was just how southern their accents were. I am from the south and I have never heard accents that were so southern in my entire life. Aside from just how the group members looked they all had similar personalities. At the beginning of the meetings things generally were slower and no one was very out spoken, but by the time came for the meeting to conclude it was hard to get a single word in over the extremely outspoken women. As I stated before there was not many men at the meetings, maybe one but rarely more. This fact made me a little uneasy for me because naturally I already felt like an outsider and that just added insult to injury. Other than just the lack of males I feel as though it was fairly obvious I was an outsider. The group seemed to have their own way of how they are used to things working so when I simply sat on the back row and just observed what they were saying and their mannerisms I was out of the loop, to say the least. Another thing that I think made me more of an outsider was how small and close the group was. Since there were only around 10 members there and they were all so similar it was like they could go on forever with a conversation and I couldn’t think of a single thing to contribute no matter how much I thought about it. Along with being vastly different on a social level when it came down to the actual structure of the meeting, as far as Native American customs and events were concerned they knew exactly what they were talking about and I couldn’t even fathom. Despite not exactly being the life of the meetings I really think that everyone in the group has something to contribute to the group and they are all extremely nice people.

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