Groundwork Activity P. 55-56

To begin with, we are first asked to comprise a list of possible subcultures that would be interesting and would be fun to find more information about. ECU is a very large University filled with many opinionated people, which is good, making us the home of a mecca of subcultures and organizations. Some of the organizations that ECU is home to are as follows, African Student’s Organization, Asian Student Association, Black Student Union, Caribbean Student Association, East Carolina Native American Organization, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Student Union, Hillel, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Student Activities Board-Initiatives Chairperson, Student Association of Spanish-Latino Affairs, and Student Government Association-Diversity Chairperson. Even with all of these choices that doesn’t even include the Religious Organizations, and being that we are in the bible belt, I am quite sure there are several to say the least.

We are now asked to look over these organizations and chose approximately 3 that seem to be the most appealing. After looking over the choices, my top 3 are the GLBTSU, the Native American Organization, and finally the Asian Student Association. The purpose of these 3 different groups is individually different but on a large scale it is nearly the same. All 3 of these organizations want to inform the rest of society about them and what they do as well as make a sort of family for the members of the groups, since they are such a vast minority when compared to society as a whole it is comforting knowing you have a family since your real family cannot always be there.

The next part of the activity asks us to take the different organizations on a more individual basis and explore them. Some of the things we are asked to think about are things like what problems may occur while learning about them, and what exactly makes that “subculture” any different form the stereotypical society. Another, more personal question that must be considered is would I be bias toward the group, or even worse make up my opinions about the group before the project even begins. The first organization to discuss is the GLBTSU. This organization at ECU is one of the larger ones with a good amount of backing, but with many people that hope less than the best for them. This group of individuals absolutely fascinates me. It takes a lot of courage for someone to be openly homosexual knowing people are judging them verbally or to themselves. I think that studying this group would show me a new outlook on how someone other than I look at the world and maybe I could learn to embrace life in a different manor. As far as ethics are concerned, I know at first I will be apprehensive because I am very conservative and traditional, but once I stop and notice that its just a way of life I should open right up. The main reason that I like this group is because they are very strong in their beliefs. They openly accept discrimination that could if needed be hidden, where as the color of someones skin cannot. Despite social norms they want to live their lives their way and that is respectable.

Another organization that caught my eye was the Asian American Organization. I think this one is interesting because I haven’t heard about it and it makes me wonder exactly what it is for and what they do. This is the only subculture I literally know nothing about and I would have to research to find anything involving the culture. From what I have just heard and interpreted this organization seems like some sort of backing or fail proof for Asian Americans who need want someone to be there for them who is similar to them. As far as bias and ethical issues are concerned I really doubt I will have any, I mean they’re human and I’m human so we can only be but so different.

The final group I am interested in is the Native American Organization. The main reason I like this one is because I know some already about it and I know there is tons of information to be discovered. One thing in particular that would be interesting is learning about their numerous traditions and rituals that give the Native Americans their reputation as very sly and extremely organized. As far as research is concerned, I would prefer to sit as far as I can from the organization and just observe so I can be sure just because I am there nothing is different from the ordinary. Another positive about me observing from a far is to make sure that the organization doesn’t feel singled out because there is an obvious reason I am there and I don’t want that. I would much rather them just feel as though they are in a pristine environment in which there is no need for the formation of a subculture. In conclusion, Subcultures are made for a reason, and my goal is to pick one of these 3 and find out what makes them the subculture they are and just to answer the simple question, why?

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