MP #2 Reflection

When first presented with the ethnography at the beginning of the year I was very certain that it was going to be a very challenging, yet rewarding project. The main issue with this project was finding a subculture and an aspect of that subculture that I could get into and be excited to learn and write about. After a good amount of research I decided to do the East Carolina Native American Organization for a couple reasons, but the main one is how strongly I feel about equality and especially with Native Americans because they more than anyone have put in the time and suffering and have earned the most respect in a perfect world. Even though this project was very informative and easy to get into it had numerous problems that arose. One problem that stuck with me all the way through the semester was finding just the right sources to project what I wanted to say. The process of finding sources was the most intense part of the paper because it is just a part of writing that takes time no matter the skill level of the author. Another challenge especially for me was the fact that it was a semester long project. I am a terrible procrastinator and this project is much too intense to wait to the last minute to do because of the depth of thought involved and large amount of detail that is required to convey the amount of effort put into research. On the other hand, this entire project was difficult. While actually sitting down and writing the ethnography the ideas and points that I was trying to convey seemed to just flow effortlessly, which is something that I am not accustomed to. Also, doing this ethnography gave me the opportunity to bring to light my opinion on something that I find very interesting and extremely relevant in our society. A part of the course that had more defined deadlines was the numerous discovery writings that were periodically due dealing with either the ethnography or the Black Schools Project. Admittedly, during the semester these discovery boxes were not something that I looked forward to, until the end of the year came and everything began to come into perspective. Once it became crunch time and the final touches on the ethnography had to be done the discovery boxes were one of my saving graces because they were small aspects of what the ethnography would become just done over time. Also, the discovery boxes proved very useful when I was having writers block I could look back at some of the boxes and usually they would give me an idea and if not the box would remind me of a topic discussed in class that could help me getting over the slump. Now that my ethnography is completed it is hard to say what I like the most about it. If I had to choose I would probably have to go with the purpose of the paper in general and how it brings to light something that I feel is just kept in the shadows in order to prevent confrontation. As I stated before this ethnography required an extensive amount of research in order to make it as accurate as possible. By doing this ethnography I have learned that a good paper must be something that the author is very knowledgeable about and has a connection to the topic is some way. In order to make not only this ethnography but literature in general the best it can be there almost has to be a generous amount of behind the scenes research like in the library or on the internet, but there must also be some person to person contact and interaction to really get a feel for how things work and be able to place yourself in their shoes. Once these two types of information are compiled it will be very obvious for the audience to understand what they are reading is something that had a lot of work put into it and is something that the author takes pride in, which is the way it should be. In conclusion, the only way to sum up this ethnography is that it was done to the best of my abilities in order to accurately portray what exactly society is doing purposely or not, and in my opinion this ethnography took me from the run of the mill student looking for a grade to an informed writer who has a much better grasp on what writing is about.

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