Portfolio Introduction

My name is Josh Andrews and I am a freshman at East Carolina University studying Exercise Physiology. Over the past semester I have been enrolled in an English 1200 SL class that does a lot of focus on equality and individuality in today’s society. In this portfolio there are quite a few entries that I have completed over the course of this semester in relation to two main projects. The first of which is a project focusing on what it integration was like in Pitt county and how it affected the community as a whole. The second project is an ethnography that is focused on a subculture called the East Carolina Native American Organization or ECNAO for short. While looking at this blog as a whole there are three main tags that can be used to help make sense of how all of the individual post are related. The posts are either going to be associated with the Black Schools Project, the Ethnography, or discovery writings that have been completed as part of the class. With these three main topics it is easy to see that ethnography and black schools projects will have all of the information surrounding and involving these topics. The discovery writings are more of an abstract version of the projects that were completed over time in order to prepare for both of the projects. Since these entries were mainly for growing purposes some of them will not be to the highest standards as far as grammar and planning were concerned. Another issue that the discovery writings have is they most likely will not flow very well because they were written as soon as thoughts came to mind, which can be interesting to read because it shows the thought process behind some of the work. With this in mind, while reading the discovery boxes it is best to go into it being curious as to what made the bigger projects come out the way they did especially for the ethnography. The ethnography is a project that required a good amount of time and research and is somewhat opinion oriented making it easy for readers to form their own opinion and compare it to the paper. Now that the end of the semester has arrived it is interesting to look back and realize how much completing these projects has informed me about now only the world around me but also of the past and how it effects the future. The project I enjoyed the most was the ethnography on the ECNAO. I like this one for many reasons, the main one being able to learning about a subculture that is hidden in our society that has without a doubt earned the right to be recognized. As readers go over my ethnography I hope that they are able to pull anything from it that will not only better their understanding of the culture but also better themselves. The other project on the black schools was created to inform the reader of exactly how things worked around the time of integration and more specifically at Ayden-Grifton high school. While reading this project I hope readers will be able to make their own opinion of how integration took place but with the correct information from countless research hours and interviews.

In conclusion, this blog represents the spring semester of my freshman year English class and what we desired to achieve. The different things that the blog contains are meant to present information dealing with equality and bringing topics that are generally avoided to light. Finally, this blog represents countless hours and a lot of determination to provide the most accurate information possible. With this in mind please feel free to read my different projects and hopefully take in as much information as possible. Thank you.

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